The public residence of the nine Procurators of St Mark, the second most prestigious life appointment after than of the Doge.

In order to adorn the homes of its Procurators, the Serenissima coloured the Istrian stone to beautify the palace, although these chromatic effects have only been brought to light thanks to its recent restoration.

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The Procuratie Vecchie acted both as the offices and residence of the nine Procurators of St Mark, the second highest position of the Republic.

The complex starts from Torre dell’Orologio (the Clock Tower, made from some old buildings demolished in the late 16th century) and ends at the Napoleonic Wing, which acts as the connecting element with the Nuove Procuratie. The porch is made up of 50 arches, while a good 100 windows are counted on the upper floors.

The attribution to the design is uncertain: after years in which it was attributed to Codussi - architect of the nearby Clock Tower - one of the names currently considered among others is Scapagnino. On the other hand, the name of the foreman, Guglielmo De Grigis, is certain (the Proto was instead Bartolomeo Bon) as is the date of the works, which began in 1517 and were completed in 1538. A fire had destroyed part of the old 12th century factories, five years before this new construction. 

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 Some of the 100 windows on the upper floors.

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