Wander into inside St Mark’s Basilica, the symbol par excellence of Venice, and discover its secrets: the Marciano (of Saint Mark) heritage is immense and includes Mosaics, Textiles, the Quadriga and much more.

You will come across the banquet hall embellished with choral books and ancient textiles, discover the horses of San Marco, masterpieces in bronze and, finally, valuable and ancient fragments of mosaic of the Basilica, gathered in special containers called cassine.

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The idea of establishing a museum inside St Mark’s Basilica came to Pietro Saccardo, Proto of San Marco since 1887.

The original plan of the San Marco Museum, halted after the fall of the tower in 1902, planned to bring the exhibition material together inside of the rooms above the narthex, in the north-west wing. It was not until 1927 that Saccardo's project was finally implemented, the same year as the official opening of the museum (the then Proto was Luigi Marangoni).

The exhibition area was expanded from 1986 onwards and to date also includes the Ongania room and banquet room. The latter, recently discovered, functioned as a link to the Doge’s residence, only to be incorporated into the interior of the basilica from the 19th century. Inside you can admire the frescoes by Jacopo Guarana

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The St Mark’s Basilica

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