The Micro Guide di Venipedia® Viandante are an innovative model of cultural itineraries that have been studied and designed by Venipedia, for a really sustainable tourism and create because you can optimize and better manage your time in the city.

How they work

Subscribe to the Micro Guides (or choose to try them for 7 days)
Choose the Micro Guide you want to use and start it with "Start the guide"
As long as your subscription is active, you can use any guide in the catalog
You can suspend, cancel and renew your subscription as often as you want

What are the advantages and features?

Take a relaxing tour. You can use the guide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as you need.
Want to skip the order of the stops? No problem. We've created a route for you, but you can easily start halfway through, or skip stops.
Don’t know where to go? We’ll take you! Use the specific button present at the location stops and you'll arrive at your destination with ease.
Are you thirsty? You can rely on our fountain search system to find a drinking fountain near you.

Help us keep the drinking fountain system as reliable as possible.

Water is a precious commodity and some drinking fountains can be open or shut off at different times.

Help us keep this information as reliable as possible by simply reporting the status of ‘Open’ or ‘Shut’ from the list of fountains near you.

The more reports we receive, the easier it will be to know if the drinking fountains are working or not.

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