A wonderful journey inside the Venetian folk fairy tales, all original and set in Venice. The fairy tales gathered in this book belong to the most authentic Venetian folk tradition, an immense chest rich with precious material. The texts have been chosen freely from many available today and, from the original dialect, have been translated and transcribed into Italian and then into the English language. We are bound to fairy tales by an instinctive fondness and a natural passion as old as the ancient and instinctive need to tell, and, conversely, to listen. Due to the subtle humour that runs thought the text and the comical situations in which we find the protagonists, translating and transcribing the fairy tales has been a great enjoyment. We hope that the readers of this book with find this also. Editor's note : the paper version is bilingual (Italian and English). For a better experience with the electronic version (e-book), we decided to split it into two distinct books: one for the Italian language and one for the English language.