We made a long work and this new version starts a brand new journey. The new Venipedia is arrived, here is where we list the main news. In the next days will publish more informations related to every single news.

A more-near-to-you Venipedia, in all the ways.

Now it's available the Venipedia of the future, with the goal to become shortly a real platform that interconnect all the high level cultural informations with the service-level informations, where the knowledge is mixed with daily practical aspects, bringing to a next level the service offered to you.

A platform powered by its own proximity engine, in house developed and called Venipedia® Sestante, offering the possibility to receive informations based on your position, and what you can find nearby the contents you are reading. In this way, for example, you can know what is near to a library, to a museum, to a field, to a bridge or nearby a public fountain, relaxed on your sofa.

A platform that use its own innovative path modelVenipedia® Viandante • Micro Guide — that aim to offer a service of cultural guides, self managed, simple, quick, practical, innovative and equipped of proximity informations, like the fountains available nearby.

A platform that will offer innovative and high level services, like the project dedicated to the authors, internationally opened.

A platform that become finally international, with english contents, that aims to complete this aspect with the half of 2019.

A platform focused on Smart City experience, thanks to the sinergy started in 2017 with Vela Spa / Venezia Unica of the City of Venice, to distribute and sell the solutions branded with Venezia Unica, like the official City Pass.

A platform everyday greener, with its offices powered by 100% renewable and certified energy and the partecipation to a CO2 compensation program through the reforestation of green areas inside the Park of Ticino.

The new Venipedia is here, today.

New functionalities and enhancements will be released every month.

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