Large field located between the Accademia Bridge and Campo Sant'Angelo. Here you can find various notable buildings, including the one now hosting the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory and the Veneto Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts. Here the last bull hunt took place.

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It is certainly one of the largest and most spacious fields in the city, at the center of which stands the monument dedicated to Niccolò Tommaseo - a man of culture and academician of the Bran from 1866, also known in Italy for having drafted the first Dictionary of the Italian language and the Dictionary of synonyms and having participated, together with Daniele Manin, in the Venetian Revolution of 1848-1849.

The monument, whose statue was made by the sculptor Francesco Barzaghi in 1882, gave way to the Venetians to ironically nickname it as "el caga libri" because of the pile of books underneath its lower back.

The two true wells of the field are from 1724 and there are numerous prestigious buildings that overlook the field. Among these we can note Palazzo Pisani (today seat of the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory), Palazzo Franchetti and Palazzo Loredan (today headquarters of the Veneto Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts).

In the field there are still traces of the masegni where the Teriaca, or Triaca, was prepared in the relative mortars. Their position is in front of the former pharmacy, indicatively at the height of the monument dedicated to Tommaseo.

The size of the field was exploited at the time to organize various parties, shows and knightly jousting. Right here on February 22, 1802, the last Hunting was held, an activity that was later stopped due to the numerous damages deriving from the fall of the scaffolding erected to host spectators, near Palazzo Morosini.

Today the field hosts, at Carnival, a reconstruction of itinerant shops where various types of products are sold.

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