A genuinely Venetian field which, if necessary, can become a perfect meeting point to make four ciacołe.

Here lived Antonio Negretti, father of Jacopo Negretti, better known as Jacopo Palma the Younger.

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The field takes its name from the adjoining church dedicated to the saint Luigi Ludovico d'Angiò, in Venice called Alvise which, according to tradition, in the 16th century the Venetian noblewoman Antonia Venier saw in a dream. It is said that the saint, who was bishop of Toulouse, told her where to build the temple dedicated to him. In addition to the church, Venier also built a monastery at her expense in which she retired to practice the teachings of Saint Augustine.

In 1411 numerous Augustinian nuns arrived in the convent, fled from Serravalle because of the civil war. Subsequently, in 1806, the nuns of Santa Caterina of Venice were hosted but after a few years the convent was closed. Currently, it appears that the camp welcomes a community of Canossian nuns, Daughters of Charity.

In the field of Sant'Alvise in 1566 lived the painter Antonio Negretti called Antonio Palma who was the father of the illustrious and renowned artist Jacopo Palma the Younger appellative of Jacopo Negretti.

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Detail of the field.

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