Dedicated to San Paolo, Polo in Venetian, this field is the largest in the city and its shape reflects the shape of the river it currently covers.

It was the scene of public meetings, parties and recreational moments also thanks to its huge well well positioned in the middle of the field.
Note that it has a diameter of 3 meters.

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The field was dedicated to San Paolo or Polo according to the Venetian wording.

In this place the market was held, which used to last more than a week, only to be reduced to Wednesday only and after the fall of the Republic it was moved to Saturday. In addition to the market, the field was the venue for fairs and meetings, but also for more playful events such as parties and public games.

However, news events also occurred, such as the assassination of Lorenzino de Medici; on February 26, 1548, while leaving the palace in which he resided in the company of his maternal uncle Alessandro Soderini, he was attacked and mortally wounded by two hit men sent by Duke Cosimo de Medici. Another tragic fact handed down tells of the drowning of the patrician Pietro Renier and his wife Bianca Giunta: a strong gust of wind made them slide along the Rio di San Polo in 1642.

At number 2172 it is possible to notice a commemorative plaque dedicated to Adriano Bulbi, a scholar and geographer who lived in that building.

Many important buildings and the Church of San Polo overlook the Campo. In the center of the field, there is a real octagonal well in Istrian stone, raised by three steps, positioned in 1838.

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