For years it was the hectic and lively place where commercial exchanges and institutional readings took place while today it is a must for lovers of the evening aperitif and beyond.

The Gobbo di Rialto, a marble staircase used for reading notices, proclamations, ordinances and condemnations of the Serenissima, deserves a special attention. How not to get involved in the traditions of the time?

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Campo San Giacomo was the area of ​​the Rialto Market dedicated to exchange negotiations and was known to be one of the most chaotic market areas and the center of the market itself.

The first document that mentions the market is Giovanni Diacono's "Chronicle" which reports the sad suppression of the body of Doge Pietro Candiano IV at the Rialto slaughterhouse in 976.

The field has a porch along the perimeter, called the Subportego del Bancogiro, created to connect the various shops, stores and offices that stood in the area and to circulate the large amount of people who poured into the area every day. Banking activities also took place under the sub-portgo, and the transfer system was developed precisely in this place, that is, the transfer of credits from one account to another under the supervision of a banker.

On the side of the field opposite the church there is the Hunchback of Rialto, the place where the official proclamations were read. It is believed that the Hunchback of Rialto, representing a man under strain holding the ladder that allows you to climb the column to read the proclamations, was carved by Pietro da Salò in 1541. Originally the Hunchback was the arrival point of the condemned who left from San Marco and were whipped along the way, to avoid the birth of idolatries and to preserve it from the damage caused by too many kisses that the condemned handed them once they arrived, the arrival point was moved to the first pillar to the left of the Sottoportego del Bancogiro, the pillar is easily recognizable because it still has a lion and a cross.

In the calle perpendicular to the Sottoportego del Bancogiro — near the Church of San Giacomo — there is a pillar with an incision that shows the terms of competence of the weighers.

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Field and church of San Giacomo di Rialto

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