Field full of liveliness and light-heartedness, it remembers with pleasure and nostalgia on January 29, 1441: on the occasion of the wedding between two well-known Venetian personalities, this place was filled with nobles rejoicing and happy for the happy event, accompanied by trotting horses arrived on the spot passing on a pontoon bridge.

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The field is located in one of the liveliest spots in Venice, near Campo S.Margherita, in the center you can admire one of the largest wells in Venice, dating back to the early 16th century where there are two bas-reliefs depicting San Barnaba and Sant'antonio da Padova.

In the field there is also the beautiful church of San Barnaba and a sub-portico, which leads to the Academy, where the "Casin dei Nobili" existed. If you look at the ceiling of the portico, close to the wall, you will notice a hole with a diameter of about 7-8 cm: it was used by the caretaker-porter to check the patrons before opening the door.

The chronicle recalls the field for a party that took place in the mid-fifteenth century (1441) - as Tassini also mentions - to celebrate the wedding of Jacopo Foscari, son of the doge Francesco Foscari, and Lucrezia Contarini. In the middle of the field in honor of the newlyweds, a beautiful sermon was recited with many zentilomeni and puovolo that if he could not go anywhere, while after the wedding lunch the famous Bucintoro landed on the banks of the field carrying 150 ladies accompanied by many palischérmi (large boats rowing boats) and from the boats of the district, to take the bride to the Doge's Palace where a sumptuous dinner was prepared and where I had a party until nine o'clock at night.

Sabellico, on the other hand, in his "Del sito di Vinegia" recounts: Then, for bent villages and several bridges, trays of s. Barnabas to the church, which is very old and has a large field.

Here Steven Spielberg shot some scenes for his Indiana Jones and the last crusade. Famous is the scene where the protagonist, coming from the basement of the church (naturally fantasy setting), emerges from a manhole cover in the field between the tables of the bar and among the people who were quietly consuming their dishes.


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