A bridge that represents one of the ingenious works of Giannantonio Selva characterized by gentle ascent and descent to avoid the steps - as Selva himself described -, showing itself in all its elegance, with a stone structure, normal arch and stone column shoulders of Istria. The bridge is part of a general redevelopment project of the area, which in 1810 saw the construction of the public gardens of Castello - also called Napoleonic because they were built under French rule, or the Biennale - by the architect Selva, who he was also involved in the construction of the nearby Serra dei Giardini.

The Ponte dei Giardini in Riva dei Sette Martiri (formerly Riva degli Schiavoni) - flush with Rio San Giuseppe - connects the Gardens with Viale Garibaldi, at the end of which is the bronze statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi by Augusto Benvenuti, in the center of the fountain. After passing a gate that delimits the area of ​​the Garibaldi Gardens, you enter the lively and homonymous street - previously called Via Eugenia - and a little further on you can see the facade of the church of San Francesco di Paola.

There is a bridge of the same name, which connects the Public Gardens with Sant'Elena: Ponte dei Giardini in Sant'Elena.

Images gallery

The view towards the bridge from Viale Garibaldi. - (Archive Venipedia / Bazzmann)
Another perspective of the bridge. - (Archive Venipedia / Bazzmann)
The bridge in all its width. - (Archive Venipedia / Bazzmann)
View from the bridge towards Viale Garibaldi, with the Serra dei Giardini in view. - (Archive Venipedia / Bazzmann)
View of the bridge from the river. - (Archive Venipedia / Bazzmann)
The tree-lined avenue of Viale Garibaldi. - (Archive Venipedia / Bazzmann)

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