Representing the popular Venice of the time with her humble profession as a servant employed by a noble patrician family. An attractive girl with beautiful features who is self-confident, cunning and sometimes mischievous.

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She is a famous character in the Commedia dell'Arte, known and named in different ways: Arlecchina for her adventures in love and more with the famous Bergamo mask, Corallina, Ricciolina, Camilla and Lisetta, until the renowned writer and playwright Carlo Goldoni renamed her as Marionette in The Vedova scaltra (The Cunning Widow).

The mask is linked to the popular or ‘common’ sphere, embodying the role of an astute, lively and sometimes flirtatious servant; some of her behaviors are not always seen favorably. Dressed very simply with a pleasant white handkerchief or bonnet and long skirt with a pinafore on top; her garments are often enriched with multicolored patches.

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La colombina.

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