A know-it-all character who enchants people with his continuous talk; but soon after listening to him one realizes that his conversation is in reality, all smoke and mirrors. Well fed, plump, full of good humor and empty talk plagued by blunders, he is comical in the crowd’s eyes.

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He is a well-known mask from the Commedia dell'Arte and is portrayed as a presumptuous bourgeois with an excellent appetite. He is therefore easily associated with the Italian capital city of Emilia Romagna; Bologna is considered the "learned" for its renowned university and "fat" for its tasty cuisine.

This individual is characterized by his rambling and refined speeches alternating with sayings in dialect, the so-called Dog Latin, full of mispronunciations making him a comical figure. Respected by other masks for being a man of culture, he sometimes assumes the role of doctor, other times as a notary or lawyer — in any case, his pompous and boring speeches rarely follow a logical thread.

His clothes are wide and voluminous to hide his large belly and heavy and clumsy figure and are always black with a white collar, hat and cape. The face, with reddened cheeks and a big mustache, is partly covered with a little mask that conceals his eyebrows and big nose, on which rest a pair of round glasses.

He is known by different names, from the simple name of the Doctor, to Dr. Balanzone — Dottour Balanzon in Bolognese (the origin is uncertain and strange: some connect it to balansa (scales) due to his profession and others instead to the balle (lies) that he recounts) — and Dr. Graziano.

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Il Dottor Balanzone, la maschera bolognese.

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