Joker, impertinent and mischievous: these could be the titles attributed to this mask, known for its favorite pastime, the gioco delle ova (the game of eggs). Indeed, those who decided to wear such costume would soil the adorned garments of ladies on the stage with eggs that contained water aromatised with roses at best.

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In this context, the recent revival of the ancient Venetian mask (which is not by chance quite abstract in its nature) in connection with the migration of tourists is interesting, as its use is not restricted to the Carnival period, but rather spread throughout the year. This was the Matasinor Mattaccino, a Venetian variant of the Fool of medieval Europe, whose distinctive trait is the striped or colorful cap with bells. It appeared on the market stalls in the 90s and enjoyed remarkable success, especially among the younger or more naive tourists. The Mattaccino threw eggs (which were perfumed at best) at the celebrating crowd that both loved and feared him; for the contemporary tourist, the flashy headdress is cheerful souvenir of their Venetian holiday.

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Maschera il Mattaccino.

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