Publicly loved for his undisputed congeniality and for being gullible and confident; not surprisingly he is often the victim of scams. Constantly hungry and looking to improve the situation in which he finds himself, his attitudes are awkward and his movements are agile, fast and acrobatic.

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This mask of the Commedia dell'Arteis the most appreciated by the public due to its simplicity and ingenuity, as well as for the character’s spontaneous nature and the colorful clothing.

He derives from Bergamo Basso and unlike his companion of misfortunes Brighella, is denominated secondo zanni (in the Commedia dell'Arte the zannierano were the servants) made fun of by everyone but completed over by many nations. Often deceived and cheated due to his poor intellect and clumsiness, he lives hand to mouth on his never-ending search for food, undertakes humble jobs and is a fraudster and panderer by nature.

He moves easily with singular and complex gestures, almost always jumping on his toes seeming almost to dance, and speaks a Bergamasque of a bygone era. He wears simple clothes full of irregular patches of many colors and a white cap and belt accompanied a wooden spoon for polenta called a batocio (a sort of slapstick). His flat nose is covered by a black mask that has feline connotations, sometimes with large eyebrows and a mustache and a bump on the forehead.

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Arlecchino, la maschera più apprezzata dalla gente.

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