Greed and cunning are two of the main characteristics of this character, known for her pandering and profettering attitudes towards the owner of her workplace. Much of her fame is due to her multiple vicissitudes with fellow citizen Arlecchino (Harlequin).

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Brighella Cavicchio from Val Brembana is her extended name, even she is called primo zanni in the Commedia dell'Arte; she comes from the high and rich Bergamo and is well distinguished from her foolish compatriot Arlecchino.

Craftiness and greed characterise this individual, who is always ready to encourage and fulfill every desire of their master but then disappear and mock him in time of need or emergency; it could be from this that the name derives, from the word brigare which means ‘To scheme’ in Italian. She attempts to carry out all kinds of immoral activities and can be found wearing the clothes of an innkeeper, a sergeant, a servant or a thief.

The mask is characterized by a white dress with green stripes and a flattened chef's cap, and she typically speaks in Bergamasqueand entertains people with music, a guitar and by singing.

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Brighella, la maschera bergamasca.

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